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Children are the future stewards of the planet and we need to teach them to respect, care and enjoy nature. For this reason Bio-graphica International and its educational division BIOADVENTURES, created a section devoted to the production of illustrated nature books for kids.

We proudly present two lines of nature books:
-fun activity books designed to create workshops or summer camps for kids,
-colorful conversation books with nature images, poems and scientific information.

Activity books
"Mi primer libro sobre mariposas y polillas del Ecuador"

This is an activity book created for kids 6-10 years old.

It contains 29 fun activities to learn about butterflies and moths characteristics, life cycle, differences between them, what they eat, their ecological importance and their diversity in Ecuador.

It is a book designed to create workshops at schools, zoos and other environmental oriented venues.

This book emphasizes the appreciation for our environment and helps develop the child's creativity.

Take a peek of the first five pages of "Mi primer libro sobre mariposas y polillas del Ecuador.".



Conversation books
"While You Are Sleeping (The Adventure of South American Nocturnal Animals)"

At night, the kids sleep and dream. Meanwhile in South America, insects, owls, agouties, bats and other animals come out from their shelters and the great adventure begins.

"While you are sleeping", and the Spanish version "Mientras duermes", are part of a series of conversation books for parents and kids. Extra information is giving at the end of the book that helps the parents satisfy their child's curiosity and promotes talks about nature.

Take a peek at some pages of
"While you are sleeping."


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