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We create fun educational material for scientists and educators
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BIOADVENTURES is focused on finding easy and more effective ways to teach kids about nature. That way, those scientific concepts will stay with them for a lifetime. Our vision is to use art as a learning tool since kids are natural artist. Also we focus on their innate curiosity to keep finding out answers to their inquires while exploring nature. With those tools we guide them to observe and compare organisms, find their differences and their unique traits, to classify them, to identify their habitats, their benefits to the environment and to human beings, and so much more.
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BIOADVENTURES is a trusted source of accurate scientific material presented in a fun way, easy to understand and feasible to use in the classroom, zoos or at home.

As scientists, we know that many researchers would love to share their knowledge with others; we know that they will happily do it if they will have the time and the expertise to make it happen. BIOADVENTURES “Development of Educational Tools” is aimed at scientists and academic researchers who seek to teach others about their research. We are collaborating with university scientists and researchers to create websites and fun activities not only to teach kids about nature but also to provide parents and teachers with educational material they can easily access and use in the classroom. The added value is that through the web, this scientific knowledge can be accessed worldwide.

Scientists can play an important role educating the community about their areas of expertise; topics that only they have studied exhaustively and being the reason why they can explain them clearly and thoroughly. By delivering this information in an engaging, creative, and fun way they can imprint these knowledge in their audience and contribute in that way to the preservation of our planet’s resources and also to inspire kids to become future scientists. What an amazing way to give back to the community!


By partnering with BIOADVENTURES, you get:
- our geniality to create fun teaching tools for kids,
- our teaching experience,
- our scientific knowledge that assures you we will create scientifically accurate teaching materials,
- our technological knowledge to provide you with a well organized web page that is easy to manage and use,
- our talent to illustrate concepts that will become more clear with a beautiful and accurate illustration,
- our Spanish expertise to translate your teaching materials to reach a Spanish speaking audience.

What excellent reasons to partner with BIOADVENTURES! Together, we can accomplish the educational outreach you have always envisioned. Especially when it really doesn’t take much of your time. You just have to write the text you want to share with your audience, and BIOADVENTURES will do everything else. Count on us!

Take action and share your research! It’s really simple and it’s so much appreciated by the organizations that fund your projects! They are pleased when they see you have contributed to the community with the money they have entrusted you. And most importantly, kids are waiting for you to share with them a world of discovery, the world only you know so closely.

What about the cost? BIOADVENTURES will fit to your budget. Just ask for a quote or ask us how much we can do for you with the budget you have available. We really want to collaborate with you and with the community.

Contact us, we are open to any questions and ideas:


See here how the process works:

1. You give us the text you would like to share with others, usually in a simple language easy to understand for those who are not specialists.

2. If you have available, you can provide us with the material you would like to share with your audience like photographs, illustrations, charts or movies. And if you have envisioned an activity just let us know and we will make it happen.

3. We create an educational website for you, including the design, the title banner, the color scheme, and fun activities for your target audience along with illustrations and compositions necessary for the activities. Click here to see how it works.

If you belong to an institution (museum, university, zoo), the website will be hosted in their server so you don’t need to pay anything for hosting.
And if you would like to stay in touch with your audience, we can also work with community web sites such as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and others.

Also, we can create just educational activities for you to print and share with your target audience.

*We will have excellent communication with you to make sure you approve the educational material we will provide.


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4. Translation services: if you are interested on sharing your knowledge with a Spanish speaking audience, we can do the translation and the recreation of the web pages into a Spanish version. See an example here.

It is really that easy!

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